Bringing Creativity to the Classroom

StarTime’s school incursions brings digital literacy to life.

We combine filmmaking, technology and future skills with almost any subject to create unforgettable experiences for students and teachers!

Choose Your Adventure!

Discover two incredible options, both tailored to your environment, needs and key learning areas. 

1-day filmmaking incursion

StarTime’s filmmaking and green screen workshops have dazzled students all over Australia. 

With a strong focus on creativity, teamwork and literacy skills, students gain a greater understanding of filmmaking techniques in a hands-on, creative and collaborative session! 

Year Groups
K – 12

One Day

Filmmaking with greenscreen

English, Science, Technology, History, PDHPE, Geography, Creative & Performing Arts  

Students work in groups of four-six to produce a relevant film to share with family and friends.

Multi-day Creativity Program

A four day program for the entire year, with excitement, creativity and education at every turn!

From special FX to fun physics; stop motion to epic filmmaking (and everything in between) — every program is adapted to the school’s specific KLA requirements. 

Year Groups
K – 12

One Day

Film, robotics, coding, research, scriptwriting, animation, drama and more

English, Science, Technology, History, PDHPE, Geography, Creative & Performing Arts  

12 incredible workshops over 4 days

You choose the program, subjects and year group…We handle everything else!

Our 1-day incursions and multi-day programs are designed to integrate with any Key Learning Area or Unit of Work.

“It was incredibly easy for us to implement and incredibly beneficial for the kids.”

Why StarTime is Perfect for Teachers and Schools


StarTime incursions are tailored to meet your Key learning Area (KLA) or Unit of work.

A chance to learn

It’s not just the students that learn new skills. Teachers will also experience professional development and growth!

Simple and easy

We supply all resources and equipment to keep things as easy as possible


StarTime’s program is designed for differentiated learning

A hard-earned break

Our expert educators facilitate all workshops and programmes, so teachers can enjoy the back-seat for a change. 

"I LOVE STARTIME! It was so much fun working with a crew, learning how to film and even act. Come back soon please!!"

Werrington Public Student (stage 2)


Why StarTime is Perfect for Students

Lots and lots of fun

It’s safe to say this is not your typical textbook-style learning. We bring the awesome.

Engaging and creative

Incursions and programs encourage creative development, while utilising fun and engaging mediums. 

Future-ready skills

Combining key learning areas with future focused skills to give students an incredible platform for success.

Collaboration and compassion

Students learn the art of teamwork and how to form a connection through storytelling.

Creativity for all

Filmmaking incursions are a great way to engage neurodiverse learners.

Want to learn more? Get in touch

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could work at your school — we’d love to hear them! Get in touch today.